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RENTERS Insurance

Just because you rent a house or apartment doesn’t mean you can’t protect your belongings inside. For a relatively low-cost premium, you can purchase a renters insurance policy that covers losses from a variety of disasters, theft and maintenance issues. Like homeowner’s insurance, renters insurance also covers your liability for injuries or property damage you or members of your family cause to others, and covers additional living expenses if your home or apartment becomes inhabitable.




Carriage agents will help you determine what type of renters insurance will best cover your belongings — whether you require an actual cash policy that pays to replace your possessions minus a deduction for depreciation, or a replacement cost policy which pays the actual cost of replacing your possessions. In some cases, we may suggest supplemental insurance when your belongings include valuables that exceed basic coverage limits. Rest assured our team can answer your questions and guide you to the policy that’s right for you.