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5 More Places Named Hudson in the United States

Much as we like to think it might be, Hudson, OH is not the only Hudson in the world. Hudson is a pretty common name for towns, cities, and other places. What may be surprising is just how many places are named Hudson.

hudson florida

A look from above at Hudson, Florida.

One thing to keep in mind is that Ohio’s Hudson is not named after Henry Hudson, the famed explorer after whom many places are named. Instead, it’s named after founder David Hudson.

All those other Hudsons are named after…well, other Hudsons.

Here are just a few of them:

Hudson, Colorado

This tiny community of about 2,300 people is way out in the sticks of Colorado, surrounded by a wildlife refuge, airport, and lots and lots of open space.

It doesn’t take its name from a person. Instead, this Hudson is named after the Hudson City Land and Improvement Co. We’re betting our Hudson has better restaurants!

Hudson, Florida

It should probably come as no surprise that almost 40% of the 12,000+ people living in Hudson, Florida are 65 or older. A town on the Gulf Coast of Florida, right in the retirement belt? Yep, seniors will rule the day there.

It’s a beautiful little town, too. Named after Isaac Hudson, it has lots of waterfront dining, gorgeous beach parks, plus loads of waterfront property on a series of canals dug out in the 1950s.

Hudson, Illinois

The origins of the name of this tiny little village a few states over from us are unclear. Traditionalists say it was named after the city of Hudson, New York, but author Ruth Biting Hamm suggests it was actually named after the Hudson River.

With just 1,800 people we don’t imagine it’s a debate many people engage in – though it has doubled in size since 1990, so people clearly are interested in the town.

Hudson, Indiana

You’d be forgiven for not realizing this Indiana town exists. With a population of just 518, most of the world doesn’t know it exists either (no disrespect intended, fellow Hudson!). The town is just .76 square miles and used to be called Benton. It probably doesn’t have a Marriott, either.

Hudson, Iowa

Designated in 1857, this town of 2,300 people in rural Iowa shares a name with Ohio’s Hudson but, like many others on this list, not much else.

It’s a growing community, though, located just off the juncture of U.S. routes 63 and 58, and not far from Route 20, plus it boasts a good school system. We suspect in another 30 years this Hudson is going to be a town to be reckoned with.

The fun thing about exploring these other Hudsons is that we’re only scratching the surface. There are many others across the U.S. and in other parts of the world. Check back, because maybe in future articles we’ll explore them, too.

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