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What you need to know about Commercial Umbrella Insurance.

All businesses are susceptible to a lawsuit and with some of the rising costs associated with these judgments an umbrella policy should be considered.  An umbrella liability plan is the best way to make sure that if disaster strikes, your business is covered as best it can be.  You worked hard to build your business, so broaden your insurance program to take into account a catastrophic or unforeseen event.

What is Excess Liability Coverage?

Often times considered the same as an umbrella policy.  The umbrella policy will increase your limits on underlying policies such as commercial auto liability, general liability, employers liability and workers compensation liability.   An excess policy can be purchased to increase the umbrella policy for even higher limits of coverage.   An excess liability policy will usually follow the terms of the umbrella policy.  It is important to talk with a Carriage Insurance agent to review any policy you have purchased or may be required to purchase.




Let the Carriage experts help you play it safest with umbrella liability coverage. Our agents will be sure you’re informed of what’s included and, just as important, what isn’t, such as: employment practices liability, professional liability, product recall coverage, worker’s compensation, coverage for asbestos-related claims, pollution, war and terrorism.