Message from the Partners at Carriage Insurance
In town, in person, in your best interest.

Message from Our Partners


For consumers, there is no shortage of choice in the insurance industry. There are providers large and small, each offering similar coverages, managing similar risks and building similar insurance solutions.

Sure, we do that at Carriage. But, more importantly, we’re accessible. We’re in your neighborhood and we’re online — always available when you need us. Because we understand that when disaster strikes or accidents happen, you want reassurance from someone you know and trust.

For the past 31 years, Carriage Insurance has been committed to our clients, faithfully offering them the coverage they need and servicing them in a way that’s helpful and relevant. We’ve implemented a Cloud-based platform at the agency level so that our team members can access the information they need for clients quickly and efficiently. Increasing visibility on our end means improved client service at yours.

At Carriage, we’re confident in our people and our offerings. And hundreds of satisfied customers have turned to us for their insurance needs time and time again.

So choose Carriage Insurance. You’ll be glad you did — both today and when the unexpected happens.