3 Unique Places in Hudson to Buy Holiday Gifts
In town, in person, in your best interest.

3 Unique Places in Hudson to Buy Holiday Gifts

Finding a gift isn’t always easy, and as the days tick by towards your gift-buying deadline and the pressure mounts, it gets harder by the day.

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We like to give unique gifts, which is why we’re glad to have some unique gift shops in the Hudson area.

Here are three of our favorites for when we want to do some shopping that is outside the norm – and when you shop at places like these, you’re shopping local, which is a nice bonus:

105 First Street

The best kind of gift shops are the ones filled with all sorts of things you didn’t realize you needed in your life. Epiphany is just such a store. Browse for a few minutes and you’ll end up exclaiming “oh, look at that!” over and over again.

It’s filled with just about everything you can imagine, all sorts of trinkets and do dads and display items and toys and home goods and gifts, gifts, gifts. Fun store to browse!

41 Village Way

This cute shop right in the heart of downtown Hudson is packed with gifts, knickknacks, odds and ends, jewelry, and high end items. Whether shopping for mom, your wife, a boss, or just about anyone else in your life, chances are pretty good you’ll find something suitable here.

They have staff who can help you with prices (because pricing isn’t always clear) and a selection that rotates.

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The Sampler
5204 Darrow Road

This vintage and antique shop is a great place to shop for classic, sometimes refurbished furniture, home goods, and other items, PLUS hand-crafted goods by local artisans.

From small gifts to large, vintage to new and hand-made, there is a lot to choose from here. Crafters, upcyclers and antiquers all find a place to sell their wares here, which means YOU have an eclectic place to shop for your next gift.

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