8 Weird Spots Near Hudson to Visit Before Halloween
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8 Weird Spots Near Hudson to Visit Before Halloween

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Northeast Ohio is great if you like weird stuff. Here are 10 places you’ve got to visit if you’d like to see the weirder side of Cleveland before Halloween.

1) The Cleveland Toynbee Tile

Toynbee Tiles are mysterious sidewalk tiles began appearing in the 1980s, tiles with cryptic messages of an unusual nature.

Cleveland joined the list some years back when the unknown tile-maker put one at W. Prospect and W. 3rd. Another appears at East 14th and Prospect, though it’s suspected that one is a fake.

It’s very weird, slightly spooky, and worth seeing.

2) The Haserot Angel, Lake View Cemetery

Cleveland’s Lake View Cemetery is filled with unusual statues, stones and sites, but the Haserot Angel is probably the most famous. Its real name is The Angel of Death Victorious, and it looks like it is weeping black tears. You can see it at section 9 on lot 14.

3) The Sidaway Avenue Footbridge

You’ve probably never seen it, yet this is Cleveland’s only suspension bridge! Erected in 1931, this pedestrian bridge was in use until 1966, until it was set on fire in a war between neighborhoods. What’s left of the still-standing bridge can be found near E. 65th Street and Kinsman Road.

4) Chippewa Lake Park

This used to be an amusement park about 20 miles outside of Cleveland, but it’s been abandoned since the late 1970s. This is private property, so don’t go exploring, but if you can get official access you’ll see decaying rides, ancient coasters, a Ferris wheel covered with trees, and more. It’s a weird place!

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5) Helltown, Ohio

Human sacrifices, Satanists, mutant snakes, ghosts, and more. Supposedly, that’s Helltown, located a short drive out of Cleveland inside Boston Township. This is an abandoned village that is more than a little creepy to visit (even if the stories about it ARE just tall tales).

6) Cleveland Coast Guard Station #219

Head to Whiskey Island in Cleveland to get a look at this abandoned location. It’s only accessible by boat, so you won’t be visiting it, but you can still get great views of this old Coast Guard station, which is now claimed to be haunted.

7) Dittrick Medical History Center

This is a strange museum filled with creepy old medical equipment. It’s supposed to be educational, though, and it’s that, too. Located at 11000 Euclid Ave, this place is packed with relics that will make you love modern medicine once you see how scary old medicine used to be!

8) Johnnycake Lock

Take a trip to Cuyahoga Valley National Park to visit Lock 27, also known as Johnnycake Lock. The name originates in 1828, when a major storm filled the canal with mud. A boat got stuck inside for days with no food except for Johnnycakes. The rest, as they say, is history. And naturally…it’s haunted.

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